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We are familiar business that had been operating in Madrid and Barcelona for over 25 years, selling, buying, renting and guiding our clients in the dynamic Real Estate business.

Our main goal: Being your first and best option in our area of influence.

How we do it: Easy answer! We offer a personalized service by being accurate and effective to meet our client’s demands, adjusting our methods individually.

As you know, since 2008, Spain suffered a financial crush that was one of the biggest in a long time, recession hit all sectors but due to the high volume of new construction sites that were caught by surprise, many agencies had to close up their business as there was no credit to buy, and the prices had gone up to high. Thanks to our job during previous years, not only we stayed open but we also have explored other ways of doing business, increasing our presence in selected areas and surrounding ourselves with the best professionals in the market to be able to offer the best service to our clients and investors.

Our main value is the human factor, to make sure we care and work for the person and their needs, not just a numbered client. The same applies to our staff, so that is why we consider that well trained staff and their motivation is the best way our team can approach different situations and make use of their skills to satisfy our clients’ needs and demands.

Furthermore, we consider that a personalized service is essential to understand what vendors want. Behind every property there are different stories, and we definitely want to hear it up and pay importance and respect to it. These differentiate us from other agencies. We are not only interested in the prices; we want to know the story, your story. Without it, it makes it more difficult to help you and advice successfully.

Buying or Selling a property is for most people one of the biggest and more important transactions done in life. For that reason, our qualified team will work back to back directly with you helping you and making the process simple and effective, were your biggest preoccupation will be to choose us.