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  • Our offices are strategically located, in areas with a lot of pedestrians walking past, next to main markets and areas of high affluence of people, getting a maximum spread of our ads

  • We list our portfolio of properties in the main internet real estate portals.

  • We have a large portfolio of clients actively looking for real estate opportunities. In addition, with us you will not waste your time on unproductive visits. Due to the financial advice we offer to our clients, the clients we take to viewings are from people with enough purchasing power to buy your home, so if they do like the property is all a matter of coming to an agreement between parties.

  • We will meet with you and keep you updated periodically to inform you about the state of the management of your property giving optimal professional advice.

  • Our team of commercial advisors is fully prepared and trained, that is why at no time will they offer you false expectations about your home. We believe that with our team of highly qualified professionals your home and marketing it right, it should not take more than 2-3 months to sell.

  • With our effective method you can sell your property in a short period of time and at a good price (BEST MARKET PRICE). We understand the buying & selling of a property is one of the biggest transactions of life, so we work to give you a professional service. Rest assured we have a network of highly qualified consultants who will accompany and advice you rightly throughout the entire process.

Thanks to our advertising methods we have a large portfolio of clients actively searching for real estate. In addition, with us you will not waste your time on unproductive visits. Due to the financial advice we offer our clients, the visits we make to the property are of people with sufficient purchasing power to buy the properties we manage. We offer professionalism, closeness, transparency, security and efficiency. With us you will only have to worry about choosing us, we will do the rest.


We have a great offer of real estate opportunities in Madrid and in Barcelona. In addition, our main goal is your satisfaction, so if we do not have what you are looking for, our consultants will work exclusively for you to find your ideal property. We also collaborate with some of the best banks to offer you great conditions with your mortgage along with the best market conditions, always with the advice of the best professionals.


  • We rent apartments with the best conditions on the market, highly marketed, and with best credentials and financial checks to guarantee the security of the parties, landlord and tenants.

  • We select the best tenant profile you can have. We can even, in most cases, adjust it to your preferences, (FAMILIES, STUDENTS, PROFESSIONALS, LONT TERM, SHORT TERM…)

  • We have a wide portfolio of clients to corroborate that we will get your property rented with maximum security within 2 weeks tops, otherwise, we won´t charge you for the service.

  • Guaranteed rent: we offer you to rent your property in the safest way possible with our Rental Insurances, with which you will no longer have to worry about no pay, furniture breaking etc .